Patented water dispenser technology

AQORA stands for advanced technology in development and production of table water systems. Many years of experience characterize the work of our engineers. For some of our technological inventions we already own the industrial property rights.

PATENT ‘Microprocessor Controlled prevention of recontamination’

Purpose: Prevention of retrograde contamination of water dispensers (function-monitored, permanently active)
Entry from 07.07.2011 (German Patent)
Entry from 17.04.2013 (EU Patent)

UTILITY MODEL ‘Cleaning of carbonator vessel’

Purpose: A special program of the electronic control device ensures a defined and safer cleaning process of the carbonator vessel
Entry from 17.03.2011

PATENT ‘Spiral flushing/cooling vessel’

Purpose: Through a targeted water movement so called dead bands in the cooling vessel are avoided
Entry from 21.03.2014 (German Patent)